My current project Zombie Parkour is based off the short film with the same title.

Starring World Parkour Champion and Hollywood stuntman Jesse La Flair we are currently in talks with producers about developing it into a feature film. 


The script is already written and ready to go. But like I said, why stop there? 


Two short films, a 3 issue web comic, two animatics, a pre-viz and a TON of art work. All that is missing is the actual movie. 

This is a cool pre-visualization of fight scene from Zombie Parkour the Feature Film.



A young female parkour gladiator enters a no holds barred zombie parkour tournament, in the hopes of avenging the murder of her brother by the most powerful leader in the Deadlands. 




It’s Gladiator meets Thunder-dome, meets the Walking Dead. 

This is a cool Animatic of the opening scene from Zombie Parkour the Feature Film.

This is a cool Animatic of the Gladiators getting ready to enter the Zombie Parkour Arena.

For more cool videos and character designs about Zombie Parkour

The Feature Film check out the Zombie Parkour Website.

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