Do you have footage already shot? Need someone to put it together into something cohesive? Need someone who can shoot and edit? I can provide that service.


Just point the camera at the subject, and have them speak about your product/organization, etc. Simple right? Not quite. Besides the technical aspects of lighting and sound, you'll need to sort through the best soundbites and put them together into something more than just a bunch of talking heads singing praises. The people on camera need to be coached yet also sound authentic. These aren't trained, actors.


Got a product are business you are launching? Together we can create a series of promo videos in a fun creative way to help you hit the ground running. If you have a more serious business or cause we can create a heartfelt informative video or series of videos as well. 


Mic someone up, put some lights on, point the camera. Simple right? Not quite. There are many more factors involved. What is the subject matter? A serious subject matter requires different composition and lighting than a more light-hearted subject matter. Will it be shot in a studio or on location? How comfortable is the subject on camera? What B-Roll footage are we going to use? Interviews take planning. You've only got one shot with the subject to get it right.


It's always surprising how long it takes for someone to get around to creating a website. You'd be surprised how much can be done in a short amount of time using a platform like Wix. I worked for Wix for two years in their technical support department. If you need a straightforward website built with the ability to update it yourself and have someone on call to assist you with any issues that arise, that is a service I can provide. I will not only build it for you but train you on how to maintain it on your own.


It can't be understated the value of live gatherings. Capturing those moments is crucial. It can be a sporting event, a party, a wedding,  etc. You only have one chance to capture it. It's worth the investment if it will further your cause or business.